Spring time in Ukiah

It’s a beautiful time of year here in Ukiah. Spring, summer and fall are my favorite seasons. The hills are green and lush, and the many Dogwood trees are just finishing their bloom. This time of year our daytime temperatures are in the 70’s and low 80’s with the nights cooling off to the 40’s. We often have rain showers now and then until early June.

Here in the greater Ukiah area we have many country roads that are great for cycling, and I have enjoyed cycling for a number of years now. Old River Road, which runs along the eastern bench lands from Talmage to Hopland, is a favorite. It is about a 15 mile ride, one way. Hopland has several good restaurants, as well as wine tasting. It’s fun to ride with friends, have breakfast in Hopland, or lunch, and then ride back to Talmage. This is an easy ride with only a couple of gentle hills. A stop at Campovida is always enjoyable, and taking a walk in the acres of organic gardens is a treat. Recently I have enjoyed riding in Potter Valley, which is about 15 miles to the north east of Ukiah.

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